The Blind Pool by Paul McHugh

Synopsis: The nation is being invaded. One giveaway is a simple tattoo on a thug’s middle finger. That clue proves strong enough to direct military vets and investigative partners Dan and Carl to the heart of a global conspiracy. Carl is an undercover FBI agent; his friend Dan operates on the law’s shadier side. Neither have seen a crime ring as malevolent as the Blind Pool, designed to exploit the talents of nefarious felons held in prisons around the world. This conspiracy recognizes its members via a tattoo on the hand, plus an embedded microbead. Its overlord, Leonid Andreyev, a rogue Russian oligarch, controls billions in laundered cash through his off-the-books enterprises. Andreyev’s point of attack on the U.S. is a prison in Texas, run by its sadistic owner, Mark Nader. As Carl and Dan unravel a murderous puzzle, their lovers, Melanie and Linda, also get sucked into that dark maelstrom. As their joint peril rises, safety lies only in bonds of trust between these four friends. However, once snared by strong undercurrents of The Blind Pool, they discover such links can either be bolstered… or betrayed.

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